Handwriting Assessment

If you have noticed that your child is not developing their writing as quickly and efficiently as other children in their class, there could be some underlying reasons for this. A Handwriting Assessment is an assessment of handwriting legibility, pencil grip and visual perception. The speed of handwriting, letter formation, spacing, alignment, legibility and uniformity of slope and size of letters will all be evaluated.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine the underlying difficulties. This results in the therapist being able to provide a more efficient and accurate therapy treatment plan.

Does my child need a Handwriting assessment?

If your child has difficulties with any of the following, then a Handwriting Assessment is recommended.
• Shaky handwriting
• Letters poorly formed
• Writing drifting un-aligned across the page
• Size of letters seem too large or too small
• Writing difficult to read
• Teacher/School have identified difficulties compared to other children
• Incorrect pencil grip present/ No tripod grip present
• Hand/arm physically shaking when writing
• Poor fine motor control

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